Company Information

RNA Interactive Systems was founded in 2004. The firm's principals have over 20 years experience in the internet services and web development fields. RNA's goal is simple: to provide our clients with quality solutions to real business challenges in a way that generates measurable profit for both our clients and ourselves. We combine expertise in systems analysis, business modeling, and systems architecture with high-efficiency programming models to deliver custom web solutions that provide true value to our clients. RNA also offers comprehensive hosting and related services, including website hosting, application hosting, server colocation, and server leasing. Other hosting-related services include email, website statistics, and data backup and recovery. Through our partner company, SteelRail Networks, we offer network design, install, upgrade and maintenance services to customers throughout the Northeast. Our goal is to be our clients' single point of contact for their internet and network related needs, proving an efficient, cost-effective technology outsource.

Our Network

RNA's network operations center is located in Holyoke, Massachusetts. We have a direct connection to a fiber-optic network backbone ensuring the fastest possible network speeds with minimal latency and downtime. By avoiding standard T1 or other copper connections to the internet, we are able to provide higher-quality service at a lower cost than other providers. Our server farm is primarily Dell 2.4Ghz and faster machines, connected through a Cisco powered network and dedicated firewall appliance providing the best possible network security. Most services are run on a Linux platform with select applications running on MS-Windows 2000/2003. Client servers colocated on the premises are isolated from other network segments to prevent security flaws from compromising other network elements. All key services on every server are monitored on a five-minute cycle by two redundant automated monitoring systems. In the event that any service is unreachable for 2.5 consecutive minutes, network operations staff are automatically paged. Data is backed up hourly and nightly onsite, then transferred to removable media which are rotated offsite on a daily and weekly rotation schedule. For added data security, all files are automatically transferred daily via secure connection to our second, geographically isolated location.


RNA's Systems Analysts have years of experience in business process analysis and solutions design. We provide a variety of analysis services including process design & flowcharting, system design & specification, and website architecture. These types of analysis yield measurable cost savings in process automation, paperwork reduction, improved information access, reduced opportunities for error, and faster, better service to your own clients.

Solutions Development
RNA's programming team is skilled in a variety of languages and platforms, whether Unix/Linux or Windows based. We select the operating environment, programming language and database for a specific project based upon the project size & complexity and our clients' specifications

Networking Services
Our partner company, SteelRail Networks, provides full networking services to small and medium-sized companies throughout the Northeast. Services include: Network Audits, Network Design, Security Audits, Network and Desktop Upgrades, Network Installation, and Network Remote Management. For a free consultation, contact SteelRail Networks directly. Our goal is to deliver cost effective, measurable results that improve your business, making it easier for you to deliver to your own clients' total satisfaction. To see how our solutions can benefit your business, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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