Small Business

At RNA we recognize that as a startup or small business, you want an e-commerce solution that meets your needs at an affordable price. We have developed a solution that allows you to build your own catalog online, create new product lines and products, make updates quickly and easily, and capture your orders. ExChangeTM, our pre-packaged e-commerce solution, is appropriate for small businesses with simple product models, and includes all the features you need to put your product catalog online today. Features include:
  • Customizable design template
  • Four inventory levels: category, subcategory, product and item
  • Unlimited number of each inventory level
  • Catalog browse & search functions
  • Regular and Sale pricing
  • Free shipping on selected items
  • Sales tax and non-taxable items
  • Out of stock flag
  • UPS-based shipping rates
  • Credit card validation
  • PayFlow transaction processing
  • Automated order confirmation
  • Order retrieval system
  • Online catalog management system
ExChangeTM is available as a subscription service, making it affordable for even the smallest e-commerce startup. For a price quote, contact us with your specific needs.

Custom Systems

E-Commerce is the "killer app" of the Web. It provides a powerful marketing channel (and for electronic media a new distribution channel) for goods at a far lower cost than traditional brick & mortar facilities, or even catalog operations. It also provides the opportunity for spectacular disasters and business failures through lack of planning or execution. RNA starts every project with a thorough evaluation of your needs to ensure that the solution we recommend is tailored to your specific needs both now and into the future.

E-Commerce websites come in a vast array of sizes and levels of sophistication, from to, and from $29 "e-comm in a box" systems to multimillion-dollar custom systems. While startup businesses and home businesses can often work perfectly within the confines of an off the shelf solution, most businesses that have made a commitment to e-commerce choose to develop a custom site for one simple reason: unless your business model came out of a box, it wont fit an e-commerce system out of a box. For businesses with established product models, business process models or sales processes, RNA develops full custom e-commerce systems from initial needs analysis through system specification and design to programming, debugging and rollout. Our systems are designed to integrated seamlessly into your existing business model, allowing captured web orders to be processed identically to your existing order streams. We can extend your e-commerce system to act as an order capture system for phone orders as well, further streamlining your existing business. Any aspect of your e-commerce model can be accommodated with custom system development including

  • Automatic inventory updates from inventory receipts
  • Sales-to-inventory posting
  • Sales reporting to financial systems
  • Stock status polling, automated out-of-stock function
  • Automated backorder on out-of-stock
  • Automated on/off sale
  • Suggested items, related items
  • Volume discounts, early bird discounts, promotional offers
  • Automated fulfillment on stock receipt
  • Standing orders, automated reorders, periodic reorders
  • Personal catalogs and parts lists
  • Quick order / phone-order entry systems
  • UPS integration for ship rates, shipment tracking
  • Automated replenishment reports based on sales, inventory levels
  • Customer order history
  • Item sales history

The possibilities are only limited by the sophistication of your catalog, pricing, and marketing models. For a free consultation and assessment, Contact Us.

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