RNA offers standard email services to our clients, including STMP and POP3. All inbound and outbound emails are scanned for virus contamination, and infected emails are destroyed with a note sent to the sender. Our virus definition database is updated hourly, the highest frequency available. Email services are generally included with most web hosting packages or can be provided separately.

Email accounts can be managed via our Client Services system, allowing you to add and remove accounts, temporarily disable an account, set your own forwarding and away messages, and manage your spam filter settings.


RNA supports a variety of hosting platforms including Linux/Apache (ePerl, PhP, Mason, etc) and Windows/IIS (.asp, .NET). We maintain separate servers for each platform and programming environment to ensure that programming conflicts are minimized and service availability remains high. Auxiliary services are all run on separate dedicated servers to maintain quality of service and minimize interruptions.

Personal site hosting
For individuals and personal businesses, RNA offers a low-cost, comprehensive web/email solution that includes everything from domain services to a site development / content management system, web hosting and email services. It's designed for the user who just needs a place to park a site, but isn't looking for any specialized application hosting or code-level site support. Personal site hosting rates start at $10 per site per month. For a detailed price quote, contact us with your specific needs.

Business site hosting
RNA offers a suite of hosting plans designed for businesses of all sizes and needs. Business level hosting is handled on high-availability servers running relatively few sites and includes automatic backup, recovery services, managed email and code-level support for custom programming produced by RNA. Business site hosting rates start at $25 per site per month. For a detailed price quote, contact us with your specific needs.

Server Colocation

For clients with security, traffic volume or specific server requirements we offer dedicated server hosting. Dedicated servers may be purchased or leased, or may be provided by the client. For clients not providing their own system, RNA offers state of the art, name-brand equipment. All collocated servers are hosted with full integration into our network firewall and backup systems. Dedicated backup services are available by custom quote.

Client-Owned Servers
This option is best for clients who prefer a fixed capital expense and lower operating expenses. Whether the server is provided by the client or is purchased by RNA on behalf of the client, RNA will integrate it into our network environment to provide security and firewalling services. Depending on the service plan, RNA may provide anything from basic restart services to operating system support to software support to complete hardware warranty support for the server. In this case labor may be covered under the colocation contract; materials costs are passed on to the client. For a detailed price quote, contact us with your specific needs.

Leased Servers
This option is best for clients who prefer a "no worries" solution where every possible contingency is covered in a fixed monthly operating cost. RNA retains ownership and responsibility for your dedicated server, and any problem with either hardware or software up to and including a complete replacement of the server is covered under the monthly lease cost. For a detailed price quote, contact us with your specific needs.


Our network is fully protected by a dedicated firewall appliance. In addition, all ports and services are monitored 24/7 by an independent network monitoring device, and server access logs are routinely scanned to detect intrusion attempts, identify patterns, and engage in continual security improvement.


RNA Systems offers a comprehensive backup service as part of our Business Hosting services. Additional customized backup schedules are also available by custom quote.

Our standard backup procedure is as follows:

Complete documentation on server configuration is maintained for every server, so that in the event of a crash the server can be reinitialized quickly and easily. Spare hardware is kept on hand in case of failure of any server component, or of a complete server.

All html files, server-side scripts, data files and other site components are backed up daily to tape. Tapes are then rotated offsite on a daily basis.

RNA maintains a 7-day, 4-week tape rotation so that at any time we have daily tapes for the past 7 days and weekly (Sunday) tapes for the past four weeks on file.

In addition, a separate daily backup copy is made via Internet onto a server installed at our remote location, providing rapid recovery for one day's history. These files are overwritten daily, and supplement the archival tape backup files.

Other Services

Email Address Protection
Tired of inkjet, Viagra and Xanax ads? One of the most common methods for gathering email addresses to send spam is to create a spider that crawls the web, reads pages, and harvests the email addresses it finds. For sites hosted by RNA, we offer an encryption service that prevents web-based spiders harvesting email addresses, while allowing human users to read them normally and allowing the mailto link behind the address to function as usual.

404 Redirection
As a site evolves, it tends to shed "dead" urls; pages that have been deleted but are still listed in peoples' "favorites" menus, in search results and as links on other sites. Users clicking on these normally get an error returned by the server itself rather than the site, since the page doesn't exist on the site. For sites designed and hosted by RNA, we replace the server error message with a redirect to a site page that informs the user that the page requested is unavailable, and provides them with a link to the site Home page to capture the visitor traffic.

Personal File Archiving
RNA offers a unique and cost-effective file archiving service to individual and corporate clients who wish to implement an offsite, crash-safe file backup system. For prices as low as $50/year, you can maintain a backup copy of your important files on our system, available to you whenever you need to access the files. Contact us for a quote!

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