Broadcast E-mail

RNA's VectorTM bulk email system is designed to allow you to manage your own broadcast email campaigns simply and easily. VectorTM handles all aspects of email marketing from list management through email distribution and usage tracking. And unlike many other systems, Vector is failsafe and will not permit sending a message without testing and verifying it first! VectorTM is available as a shared service for the light user, or as a dedicated system for volume users. The system includes:
  • List Management
  • Subscriber Management
  • External List Import
  • List & Subscriber Export
  • Message Composition
  • Message Testing
  • Message Distribution
  • Recipient & Message History Tracking
Unleash the power of the lowest-cost customer communications channel ever developed! For a detailed price quote, contact us with your specific needs.

Lead Generation

RNA's ReplicateTM lead generation system is a comprehensive compensated-referral application, allowing you to exploit the opportunities presented by viral marketing leveraging an in-house list to generate new business and automatically track all referral activity. The system includes:
  • Initial list import
  • Offer generation
  • Offer distribution
  • Offer activity tracking
  • Internal referral creation
  • Referral distribution
  • Referral activity tracking
  • Referral compensation activity tracking
Use ReplicateTM to generate new leads off existing customers, to pass an offer on to other likely prospects, and to take advantage of the power of a friend's recommendation! For a free consultation or detailed price quote, contact us with your specific needs.

Web-based Surveys

How many times have you wanted to get quick feedback from your customer base, but the cost of distributing a questionnaire, sifting through the replies and tallying the results was simply prohibitive? InQuireTM, RNA's proprietary survey management system, makes it fast and easy to ask the questions you need to know your customer! InQuireTM allows you to create a survey of any length, with a variety of question types, and automatically distribute it via email to your customer list, a rented list, or any other source. As users reply, the system automatically tabulates the results and presents them to you in graphical and raw data formats. If you want, you can even offer a reward for each survey completed! The system includes
  • Survey Creation
  • Question Creation
  • Survey Invitation Distribution
  • Survey Participation
  • Results Tabulation
  • Respondent Reward Tracking
Let InQuireTM help you understand your client base! For a free consultation or detailed price quote, contact us with your specific needs.

Search Optimization

Search engines are a key strategy for getting your site content in front of potential business. Optimization is the process of managing content to ensure that search engines recognize it as highly relevant to the appropriate search terms and return content from your site near the top of the search results. RNA offers comprehensive optimization services from content editing to search-optimized database design and dynamic site mapping.

Search Submission

While there are literally thousands of search engines in existence, only about a dozen or so matter. RNA can submit your site to the key generalized engines and may make recommendations about fee-based submissions or specialized directories for selected sites.

Web-based Marketing

Search engine placement is one strategy for driving traffic to your site. There are many others ranging from prominent placement of your URL on your collateral materials, to purchasing radio time, to purchasing print ad space to purchasing web-based ad space. RNA can work with your marketing staff to craft a plan for the web-based component of your marketing efforts, and can also provide an ad agency outsource for executing and managing your Web marketing plan.

Site Activity Metrics

Knowing what visitors to your site are doing while there is critical to the decision process on refining and enhancing the site. RNA offers comprehensive site statistics on any site we host, and site statistics are included in most hosting packages at no additional charge.

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